The Yeomans and Cejka families are long-time residents of Prairie du Chien, WI.  They had a dream of building a cabin to use as a base to hunt ducks.  In 1987, a farm known as the Jackson Farm went up for sale in a sealed bid.  The family members each wrote a number on a piece of paper and the numbers were averaged to come up with a bid price.  As history would have it, the Yeomans and Cejka families got the bid and the Jackson Farm became the future home of the Duck Inn Lodge.

What started out as a simple plan of a small cabin with a pot bellie stove to keep warm, turned into a little more than that.  Todd Yeomans is quoted:  "I was 19 years old at the time and my share of the hunting land was quadruple the price of the home in which I lived.  Shows you where our priorities were.  I was living in a single-wide trailer at the time."

We encourage you to come and enjoy all of the beauty and splendor that the Duck inn Lodge has to offer you, your family gathering or your next business functions. 

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